So it is our economic system that determines what we eat, little to do with supposed food choices, vegetarian trends or vegan commitment. And logically therefore it is the economic system that produces the disastrous health “externality” as noted. And as a second externality the possibility of a vibrant rural community is undermined if not ruined altogether.

My take on this is that it is necessary to say loudly and publicly that the industrial food we eat is poisonous to us. There is no such thing as a healthy breakfast cereal. Period. There is no such thing as babyfood that is suitable for babies. The corollary is that we have to find sources of real food to maintain or recover our health and to rear our precious infants. I am part of that search. And I am aware that the search leads me to things that do indeed sustain a local economy.

We were just on holiday at Coniston and the local producer of meat on National Trust land sold us the the fattest and most delicious steaks and lamb that I have ever eaten. So getting it right is heaven too.

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