There is a profound philosophical distinction buried in everyday experience of our bodies. The same distinction is readily applied in other spheres. Let’s start with an application and return to our bodies shortly.

I wrote, with Richard Veryard, a paper for the Microsoft Architecture journal about IT security. As I…

How much can you read about any current issue without someone describing it as complex? Granted that there are technical definitions of what complex means, what does the term mean in everyday language? What is being conveyed when someone says “but this is complex”?

The acronym is clumsy and, I…

Aidan Ward and Philip Hellyer

It is vital that the observer takes on responsibility for their observations, language, and action. The observer is inextricably linked to the object that they are observing. Heinz von Foerster

Taking responsibility for perception

Is an explicit model such as a mathematical equation or a theory in theoretical physics…

Aidan Ward

Smallholder rapidly learning about the way the world works

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